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We were also finding that  whatever price you pay, there is always the risk of leggings being a little bit see-through, which isn’t idea when you’re doing squats!


We tried and tested the leggings for a few months for durability, comfort, colourfast and everything in between (yes we did the squat test too)!  


We started selling a limited amount in the gyms to get the girls to properly road test them for us and it proved a success, they were always asking when there would be new designs to choose from so we decided to launch an online boutique.


The only thing we’re keeping small is the number of leggings in each collection. We really want there to be a limited edition feel about the designs, so we’re limiting how many we have per style. So when they’re gone, they really are gone...

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Leo Nunes


Julie Gilbert

Founder -

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We are based in the UK but will ship to Europe and internationally.


Our activewear is made of the highest quality fabric and goes through rigorous testing to ensure durability.

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