Naomi Sports Set


Sportswear that has a silver lining!

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If you fancy being all matchy, matchy then our limited edition sports sets are right up your street. We’ve only made a small number of sets so you can be as unique as you want to be.

What we love about our leggings:

We have a limited number of leggings in each collection to make your look more unique.

They’re designed and made with the highest quality materials with great care and attention to detail.

We use a light-weight material to keep you cool throughout your workout and fits your body like a second skin.

If you follow the washing instructions the colour will remain as vibrant as the first time you wore the leggings.


What we love about your sports bras

The fabric is supers stretchy (like elastic) so it holds you into place which also means one size fits a A-C cup with a back size of up to 36.

The bras are very durable and retain their shape after endless wears and activity.

Just like our leggings the are light-weight to keep you cool during your workout.




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